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The Lord created medicines from the earth and a sensible man will not despise them.   –Sirach 38:4 (Ecclesiastes 38:4)

As we learn more about the human body, we only begin to understand the wonderfully complex details of how God intricately created each system of our body.  Health and wellness of body, mind and spirit occurs when these systems and parts are working together in harmony and balance.   When deficient, over-loaded or out-of-balance, whether due to genetic, developmental, dietary, environment or lifestyle reasons, the human person (mind, body and spirit) cannot operate at their best and will not be able to experience the full potential of wellness they were made to.

Thankfully, there is enormous potential for restoration of health and wellness with proper nourishment and treatment of the body, mind and spirit as the integrated person we are.  To make this shift to wellness often requires a change of thinking from symptom to function by asking questions.  Why is this happening?  Where is this coming from?  Am I truly caring for self or is my lifestyle leading to ill-health and lack of balance?  Integrative, functional medicine diligently seeks to find the broken systems and restore them to health and balance as naturally and effectively as possible.   This may include prescription medications, though much more often is by nutritional, mineral and herbal supplements in conjunction with dietary and lifestyle modifications.   The goal is to repair, restore and recover.

Our mission at Sancta Familia Center for Integrative Medicine is to help our patients heal wholly – body, mind and spirit.  We look forward to working with you and encouraging you on this journey toward better health and wellness for you and your family.



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