Integrating Both Traditional and Functional Medicine for Children and Adults


Combining Integrative Medicine and Behavioral/Educational Strategies is more effective than either alone in helping persons with ASD. Healing is possible with systematic approaches to address the myriad of medical problems that impair and prevent a child from fully benefiting from behavioral and education treatments.

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The question is Attention Deficit or Deficit of Net Attention. It is the latter when a child or adult has one or more problems that steal or impair their brain function. Thereby, our focus is to rule out dietary, biochemical and other medical factors which may be preventing a person from revealing their gifts and true potential.

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Behavior Disorder

A difficult child is often struggling with underlying medical issues and not just ODD. Gastrointestinal illness, Pyrrole Disorder, Anxiety, Immature Adrenaline Systems Over-reactivity and dietary triggers are common things we find and treat to help children be well and to reach their full potential.

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PANS/PANDAS is an immune illness triggered by one or more infections. When the antibody made to protect us from the infection binds to brain tissue, it triggers inflammation, thereby hijacking normal brain function leading to classic symptoms. Successful treatment involves addressing both the infectious and immune factors.

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Lyme Disease

Diagnosing Lyme Disease requires an awareness of how common it occurs and how often it “imitates” other medical illness with seemingly nonspecific symptoms. Successful treatment is more than just treating an infection, rather it is restoring health to many affected organ systems, so that the body can heal.

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Chronic Illness

We are a body with many parts interconnected by physical, mental and spiritual interrelationships. Illness in the physical being affects the mind and spirit. It is common for us to see improved mental wellness and spiritual wholeness when we address physical illness within our niche of expertise.

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Wellness and Disease Prevention

Live proactively and not reactively. Simple changes in lifestyle, diet and targeted nutrient therapy can help improve our quality of life now and prevent disease in the future. Strive to be optimally well, thriving and productive.

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At Sancta Familia Center we focus on helping our patients achieve optimal wellness utilizing Integrative/ Functional Medicine to restore health to the mind, body and spirit.  Our innovative and comprehensive medical care utilizes:

  • Targeted Nutrient Therapy for balancing biochemistry with select medication, if needed.
  • Functional Medicine for Detoxification, GI, adrenal and thyroid health
  • Herbal, Homeopathic and select medication in treatment of chronic infection
  • Lifestyle, Diet and select Nutraceuticals to maintain wellness and prevent illness
  • Faith, Prayer and Encouragement to make and maintain healthy choices are our specialty.