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Vision At Sancta Familia Center for Integrative Medicine LLC we focus on helping our patients achieve optimal wellness utilizing integrative and functional medicine to restore health to the mind, body and spirit. Comprehensive and innovative medical care is our approach to healing and our specialties are: Targeted Nutrient Therapy for balancing biochemistry (with select medication, […]

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Summary of Service

Comprehensive Support At Sancta Familia Center for Integrative Medicine, LLC we recognize integrative/ functional medicine is often a new treatment paradigm for many patients.  To help aide in this transition, we provide written materials to help introduce and explain our services.  To help with understanding and successfully implementing the treatment plan, we have developed a […]

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Stories of Hope

Our kids get to be kids.  They can be carefree and play pretend without a second thought.  They can do activities. They can be in new places with new people.  They can be themselves. Their little lights get to shine through without a screen covering up what we knew was there from the start.  All […]

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