Meet Our Staff


Dr. Lewis attended the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle, Washington and completed his pediatric residency training at Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was board certified in Pediatrics in 1993 and completed re-certification in 2000 and 2007.  Before founding Sancta Familia Center for Integrative Medicine, LLC he practiced general pediatrics for ten years in Salt Lake City, Utah and Billings, Montana, and served for seven years as Medical Director of the Pfeiffer Treatment Center in Warrenville, Illinois, where he treated children and adults with learning, mood, and behavioral problems with targeted nutrient therapy.

His medical career was directed down a different path when his child was diagnosed with autism at age two. Without a functional framework in traditional medicine for treatment of his child’s autism and associated medical problems, Dr. Lewis began to explore integrative, holistic and functional medicine therapies. Dietary intervention, targeted nutrient supplementation, and approaching treatment with a more integrative/functional framework proved to be effective in helping his child, as well as many of his patients. In response to seeing such profound effects with these treatments, Dr. Lewis continued to explore other integrative medicine modalities and was certified by the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine in 2002 and re-certified in 2010.

Dr. Lewis became Medical Director of the Pfeiffer Treatment Center in 2003. In this role he was able to concentrate on the treatment of children and adults with learning, mood, and behavioral problems, such as ASD – autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, bipolar disease, mood disorders, and behavior disorder. Additionally, he participated in research resulting in two publications1,2 on oxidative stress/damage in children with autism and one publication3 regarding a clinical diagnosis commonly referred to as pyrrole disorder. The more integrative approach to the evaluation and management of learning, behavior, and mood problems he developed at the Pfeiffer Treatment Center facilitated a more predictable, effective, and reproducible approach to the treatment of patients with these medical conditions. He has spoken nationally and internationally regarding the targeted nutrient management of the learning, mood, and behavioral problems listed above and was invited to author an article for the Autism Society of America member publication Advocate4.

The Sancta Familia Center for Integrative Medicine, LLC (fka Integrative Pediatrics of Ohio, LLC) was founded in 2010.  In the first year, Dr. Lewis started to see more patients with PANS/PANDAS and was interviewed by Tracy Townsend from Channel 10 News in Columbus, Ohio about PANDAS in November 2011 and her report aired that month.   Subsequently, Dr. Lewis has been recognized as a leading physician by and is devoted to bring hope and healing to patients and their families affected by PANS/PANDAS.  Naturally, this lead him to begin the life-long process of learning about and treating persons with Lyme Disease and related illnesses.   Attending his first ILADS<> conference in April 2014, Dr. Lewis has found the opportunity to find and treat the underlying causes of chronic illness in even more patients.

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Nicole Snyder, CNP is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Originally from Massachusetts, she graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Communication Disorders.  While there, she developed a program to be used in homeless shelters and soup kitchens for the identification and treatment of dysphagia (swallowing problems) among the homeless and marginalized.

Desiring to continue serving the poor, she lived for a time in Rome, Italy serving with the Missionaries of Charity. Her main responsibilities were caring for the very sick and dying homeless women. From that experience, she was inspired to pursue a career in nursing to better equip herself for service and to help bring God’s healing to the sick and suffering.

She studied nursing at the Ohio State University, and graduated in 2010 as a Family Nurse Practitioner and is board certified through the American Academy of Advanced Practice Nurses. She also is certified as a Fertility Care practitioner with Fertility Care Centers of America and has treated patients with a range of fertility and health issues.

In addition to providing general ambulatory and home health care, Nicole has worked at the Ohio State University Medical Center and Ohio State Interventional Pain Center treating patients with brain and spinal cord injuries as well as chronic pain.

At Sancta Familia Center for Integrative Medicine LLC, Nicole uses targeted nutrient and integrative therapies to care for children and adults. She has treated children and adults with a wide range of health problems including Autism, PANS/PANDAS, biochemical imbalances, GI conditions, and chronic health problems.

Nicole has been married for 8 years to Drew. They live in Columbus with their four children and are having fun homeschooling.

Nick Brown is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner.  Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Nick graduated  with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Capital University. After graduation, he spent the next 10 years as a bedside nurse  gaining valuable trauma and critical care experience

Desiring to further enhance his knowledge and skill set, Nick embarked on a journey to continue his education.  He graduated from the Family Nurse Practitioner Program at Otterbein University in the Spring, 2020.  During that time Nick learned of his incredible desire to practice Functional and Integrative Medicine and sought clinical experiences that would expose him to this practice of medicine.

Nick has always had an extreme compassion to help others, especially the sick & dying.  Nick, during his years of graduate school, started to really focus on allopathy and wellness and how it was linked to keeping people out of the hospital.  Nick’s focus is to treat the patient as a whole and not just the symptom.  Nick will use holistic integrative treatment options to care for Autism, ADHD, IASO, learning and behavioral differences, immune support issues and basic nutritional deficiency.

Nick has been married to his wife Kelsey for 5 years.  They have two children together, Parker and Palmer.  When Nick has spare time, he enjoys golfing, hiking, and watching sports. GO Browns!

Nick is excited to join the wonderful team at Sancta Familia Center and knows this is where he was meant to start his career as a nurse practitioner.  Come see Nick at Sancta Familia Center for Integrative Medicine LLC and let him help you on your road to wellness!

Anita Cochran

Anita attended the Mt. Carmel School of Nursing program in Columbus, Ohio.  Her nursing career of over 25 years has been directed by a call to the service of others. She began by serving the elderly and medically fragile then to those facing the end of life and now to the care of children and families faced with unique challenges and special needs.

Before joining the practice in 2014, she was a patient care coordinator for Heartland Hospice. She lead her home-based team to care for patients in their homes at the end of life. Through this journey in hospice, her compassionate heart grew to care for not only the patient but the patient’s family. Using a holistic approach of caring for the physical, social and spiritual needs of the patient, gave her a great foundation for the care provided at Sancta Familia Center for Integrative Medicine.

Anita was drawn to the practice after meeting Kristin and Dr. Lewis and seeing the hope and healing offered to the families by Dr. Lewis and the staff. She feels blessed to be a part of this collaborative and supportive team.

At Sancta Familia Center, Anita uses her experience of being at the bedside of patients  and management to provide patients and their families with hope and direction through their current challenges.

Angela Woodward


Angie Woodward has been serving as a patient-family liaison, supporting families of individuals with ASD, immune dysfunction and learning, mood and behavior disorders for over 10 years.  Her experience in this realm has been augmented by attending national integrative medicine and biomedical conferences for special needs children since 2005. Furthermore, she has also served at these conferences as a featured speaker and/or panel member passing on her acumen in understanding and helping families implement complex integrative medical treatments.

She speaks for schools, churches, support groups and other organizations throughout the state of Ohio on a regular basis and has served as a knowledgeable lay parent on an advisory committee for the Autism Research Institute. Combining her experiences, she has assisted with product development for helping children overcome the challenges of ASD and other such challenging illnesses.

Her passion is to see families succeed in their efforts to help their loved ones achieve wellness, and she is a great source of inspiration and encouragement for the individuals and families she works with. Angie enjoys and values being an active part of her church community and cherishes every minute spent with her husband and children.

Mary Beth McCallister

Mary Beth has enjoyed being a member of the Sancta Familia Center (“SFC”) family since 2016. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Nursing in Columbus, Ohio. Her career has allowed her to serve adult and pediatric patients. Prior to serving families at SFC, she cared for profoundly disabled children in a long-term care setting.
A mother of 9 beautiful children, Mary Beth has had first-hand experience with the challenges and healing benefits of integrative medicine. She finds tremendous joy in offering hope to struggling families, walking with them towards wholeness and healing.
When not serving at SFC, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Jeff, children and grandchildren. She delights in showing her love through cooking delicious food and occasionally gets to do a little knitting or crocheting.

Jacqueline Woolford

Jacqueline Woolford grew up in eastern Pennsylvania and moved to the Columbus area with her family in 2015. She has a bachelor’s degree in special education and a master’s degree in elementary education. She is a certified TLP provider. Jacqueline has more than 10 years of experience in the education field teaching, supporting special needs students, and teachers.

Jacqueline is married to her husband Patrick and has two daughters, Lila and Estelle. She enjoys spending time with her family, helping with religious education programs, and volunteering in schools. Jacqueline is passionate about making a difference in her community and always strives to educate and inspire others to improve their lives.

Rachel Bulderbergs

Rachel is a  native of Hathaway, Louisiana but has spent most of her life in Central Ohio.  She is happily married to her husband Erike, whom she met in the U.S.A.F while serving their country together.  She is the mother of three amazing sons and one grandchild.
Rachel’s passion for functional medicine and the desire to learn how to use food as a method for healing began while journeying alongside her ailing father who courageously battled lung cancer.  Through this challenging experience, she began to question if there was more than allopathic medicine for cancer treatment as well as other diseases.  Following her father’s death, Rachel joined a local Wellness Health Forum and began learning how to treat illness through nutrition.
A few years later Rachel was once again invited to journey alongside a close friend who was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma.  This time however, she witnessed a very different approach to cancer treatment — synergistically using both chemotherapy and an alternative cancer treatment known as the Gerson Protocol.  This included juicing, an organic vegan diet and nutritional supplements.  Rachel was blessed with a favorable outcome this time and this in part led her to join the amazing SFC team!
When Rachel is not wholeheartedly serving patient families at SFC, you will find her camping, hiking or simply traveling with her husband and enjoying life as empty nesters.  Additionally, Rachel spends a fare amount of time serving her local church where she and her husband regularly worship.
Rachel is excited to be a part of SFC’s team, assisting patients in achieving optimal wellness — mind, body and spirit through integrative and functional medicine.

Rhonda Legg


Rhonda Legg is a life long resident of Central Ohio.  She graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. However, her real education began when she became a mother to 3 terrific children and her oldest son was diagnosed with Autism at age 5.  The journey for  health and healing began and much progress has been made for him.

She believes that everything in life happens for a reason and has focused that belief into working with organizations that support special needs families like her own. She is grateful to have been with Sancta Familia Center since 2011 and functions as the office manager.  She sees each day at Sancta Familia Center as an opportunity to help another family just like hers navigate the journey back to wellness and wholeness with faith & hope.

Family is at the heart of all that she does – Rhonda is married to Roger; they have been involved in church and outreach ministry throughout their 27 years of marriage. They live in Columbus with those 3 terrific children Benjamin, Zachary and Victoria.


Rachel Pauze

Rachel was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA (go Steelers!) but now she lives here in Columbus since getting married to her hubby, John-Michael.  They are active members of Cornerstone – a Christian community that chooses to live intentionally and be on mission together.  The couple specifically serves within the young professionals outreach and are passionate about cultivating strong environments of brotherhood and sisterhood.  In her down time, Rachel enjoys being active outside (in any capacity), traveling to see family and friends, trying new recipes and competing in pickup sports.

In the past, Rachel has worked as a college missionary, nanny, and a floral designer; is thrilled to be employed now with Sancta Familia where she can user her administrative skills and love for organization to serve families looking to find healing.

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” -Mother Teresa



Debra Grant

Debra was born and raised in Chesterton, IN (about an hour from Chicago).  After getting married to her husband they have lived in Port Huron, MI, NW suburbs of Chicago, Northern Kentucky and now Columbus.  She and her family have always been involved in Church, leadership in small groups, and at time the music ministry.

She has two children who are in college at the University of Kentucky and moving to Columbus has put her into empty nesting, which she is still trying to get used to.

Debra loves anything to do with helping others and enjoys being able to be a part of the team here at Sancta Familia.

Kristin Lewis

Kristin Lewis is a native of northern New Jersey, but has spent most of her life in central Ohio. She has been happily married for eight years to Dr. Lewis and is a mother of three and step-mother of two children.

In November of 2013 after her Confirmation in the Roman Catholic faith, she experienced a deep outpouring of the Holy Spirit that set her on fire! In June of 2013, she answered the call by making a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France. She received many graces during this retreat, as well as a deep spiritual healing that change the course of her life. Shortly after returning home, she answered the call to spiritual direction training.

In June of 2016 Kristin received her Certification in Spiritual Direction through Our Lady of Divine Providence School for Spiritual Direction, in association with Franciscan University and is trained in Igantian Spirituality. Kristin also has extensive training in Unbound Healing prayer and loves to work with those who are in need of hope and healing. Since her graduation, she has been assisting others on their life journey towards God, guiding her spiritual companions through both the joys and the sufferings on their sojourn. Additionally, she prays with individuals who desire a deeper freedom through God’s merciful love using the Unbound Healing Prayer model. She can often be found praying in the Divine Mercy Chapel at the Sancta Familia Center and can be reached easiest by email: